MiLB Tracker

Stat-Tracking App

MiLB Tracker is a free stat tracking service for baseball fans.

Live Site

Attempt the impossible: make baseball stats sexy

Sadly, the sports world isn't known for stylish websites. I wanted to make a baseball stat site that looks modern, and also one that is functional on all devices. Displaying baseball stats on a mobile device was a huge challenge.

Follow entire draft classes

As well as creating your own watch lists, you can watch entire draft classes, from 2019 all the way back to 2016.

Choose your players and start tracking

I was frustrated that there was nowhere to track custom lists of minor league players. MiLBTracker solves that, and lets you create as many watch lists as you like — track all of your favourite players' stats, either live, YTD, or over last 10 games. You can also browse entire levels (AAA, Rookie leagues, etc) at once with super quick load times.


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